Little Miss Colorado
Little Miss Colorado presents

Little Miss Pueblo Denim and Pearls Western Pageant
And Easter Pageant

Saturday, April 15th, 2023

Pueblo Convention Center
Pueblo CO

Ultimate Grand Glitz

Ultimate Grand Mister

Ultimate Grand Elite

Ultimate Grand Natural

Grand Glitz (0-6)

Grand Glitz (7 & up)

Grand Mister (0-6)

Grand Mister (7 & up)

Grand Miss Elite

Grand Natural (0-6)

Grand Natural (7 & up)

Star Grand Supreme
Highest beauty and photo score

Super Star Grand Supreme
Highest modeling and personality score

0-4 Mini Grand Glitz
5-9 Mini Grand Glitz
10 & up Mini Grand Glitz

0-4 Mini Grand Mister
5-9 Mini Grand Mister
10 & up Mini Grand Mister

Mini Grand
Miss Elite

0-4 Mini Grand Natural
5-9 Mini Grand Natural
10 & up Mini Grand Natural

Overall Beauty Supreme    Overall Personality Supreme    Overall Photo Supreme
Overall Model Supreme    Overall Grand Talent

Divisional Supreme Queen/King
Divisional Beauty Supreme
Prince and Princess Court

More location information is available here.
Every contestant will win a crown and sash!
Download Pageant Flyers here:
0-23 months/2/3-4/5-6/7-9/10-12/13-15/16-18
20 & UP (Miss Elite)