Little Miss Colorado
Required Fees
$ 200.00
Mandatory Fee
Adult armband.  All overall titles except Talent.  All Grand Supreme Titles except Jackpots. (Late fee, $50)
Extra Adult Armband: $20
Extra Child Armband: $10
Optional Fees
$ 25.00
Star Grand Supreme
Contestant with highest beauty and photo scores.  This is a jackpot supreme title.
$ 25.00
Super Star Grand Supreme
Highest personality and modeling scores.  This is a jackpot supreme title.
$ 25.00
Double Crownable jackpot.  $100 if you enter Grand Talent Only.
$ 5.00
Extra Photos
One photo is included in the required fees.  $5 per additional photo.  $25 for unlimited photos.
$ 25.00
Optional Divisional Awards
This will be awarded in each age division for Prettiest hair, Prettiest smile, Talent, Photogenic, Anything goes, Most beautiful, Best personality, Prettiest eyes!
$ 25.00
Extra OOC
Replacement score for Christmas wear.  Lowest score dropped.
$ 25.00
Jackpot Supremes
Double Crownable - Facial Beauty, Christmas Wear, Personality, OOC & Photo Jackpots.