Little Miss Colorado

Little Miss National USA

July 1st - 3rd, 2022

Hotel to be determined

Ultimate Grand Glitz

Ultimate Grand Mister

Ultimate Grand Elite

Ultimate Grand Natural

Grand Glitz (0-6)

Grand Glitz (7 & up)

Grand Mister (0-6)

Grand Mister (7 & up)

Grand Miss Elite

Grand Natural (0-6)

Grand Natural (7 & up)

Star Grand Supreme
Highest beauty and photo score

Super Star Grand Supreme
Highest modeling and personality score

0-4 Mini Grand Glitz
5-9 Mini Grand Glitz
10 & up Mini Grand Glitz

0-4 Mini Grand Mister
5-9 Mini Grand Mister
10 & up Mini Grand Mister

Mini Grand
Miss Elite

0-4 Mini Grand Natural
5-9 Mini Grand Natural
10 & up Mini Grand Natural

Overall Beauty Supreme    Overall Personality Supreme    Overall Photo Supreme
Overall Model Supreme    Overall Grand Talent

Divisional Supreme Queen/King
Divisional Beauty Supreme
Prince and Princess Court

Every contestant will win a crown and sash!
Download Pageant Flyers here:
0-23 months/2/3-4/5-6/7-9/10-12/13-15/16-18
20 & UP (Miss Elite)